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Runninggirl 21
So yeah 
26th-Nov-2006 04:10 am
So yeah I never post anything here, but have decided to just because things haven't been so great the past few months. I have been living with someone who has a behaivoral drinking problem. I define this as such: while drinking their demeanor changes to angry, upset, emotional, pretty much unbearable to anyone who is around them ie...me. So I made this crazy decision to get out, mainly because I feel scared, unsafe and most importantly stressed and physically sick. Of course people who have drinking problems seem to be good at making other people feel guilty and tend to project their problems/issues onto others and can even manipulate them. I feel like I am stronger than that and eventhough I cried as I was moving. mainly because it was an awesome apartment that was cat friendly ( I have 2 cats) I know that I deserve better. So as of right now I am camping out at a friends house who has told me to get out since the first incident and for that I am so grateful for his kindness. I will not be here permenately but as long as it takes for me to get my feet on the ground.
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