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Runninggirl 21
Wow, too much music 
22nd-Oct-2005 04:48 pm
So it has been a while sice I have posted anything. I have been very busy writing a grant, going to school and working. I have actually made a list of music I must have well here it goes:

Sigur Ros: Tek, I saw them in concert September 19, at Massey Hall and they were amazing.
Death Cab for Cutie: Plans, not as good as Translantism, God I spelled that wrong or the Photo Album but still solid.
Hot Hot Heat: Elevator, they are coming to Buffalo on the 10th of November, definetly liked Make Up the Breakdown their previous album.
Matt Good: I also forgot the name of the album but it has the cute furry stuffed animal on the cover,oh wait In a Coma, I went to see Matt Good last weekend at Club Infinity in Buffalo he was rockin as usual.
Bloc Party: Silent Alarm I had this CD but it got lost somewhere and I miss it terribly.
Depeche Mode: Playing the Angel, I heard that this album is much better than Exciter, unfortunately the show in Toronto is sold out on the 1st of December, oh well....
I am sure I will have another update sooner than later
23rd-Oct-2005 07:07 pm (UTC)
hey. i found you through the list of people on lj who go to d'youville college, and i was just wondering your personal opinion of the school, whether it be the size, the students, the staff, any programs offered, possibly what you're majoring in, whether you like it there or not, and about the area the college is located.

i understand if you don't want to answer me, but if you do, i'd appreciate anything you have to offer. thank youu.
25th-Oct-2005 10:57 am (UTC) - D'Youville
I have been going to D'Youville for three years now, part time working on my Master's in Nutrition. It is a nice school, the classes are small and the professors are great, in my program anyway. The area is a little sketchy it is right on the border of the bad side of town, but the school has good security. I have heard that D'Youville is known for their Nursing and occupational therapy programs. I hope this helps, my only complaint is that tuition seems to go up every year I have been there.
25th-Oct-2005 04:43 pm (UTC) - Re: D'Youville
you've been extremely helpful. nursing is what i'm interested in if i go to this school. and my parents keep telling me that buffalo isn't a happy place, and that people they know who went to buffalo either to school or just to visit said it was very depressing. so this is kind of making me worry if i'm not gonna be too happy up there, as well as d'youville not seeming to have very many clubs. i found a list on their webpage and it had about 20 clubs listed, are there more than that?
25th-Oct-2005 04:52 pm (UTC) - Re: D'Youville
One thing I will say about Buffalo, is we have a lot of great hospitals in the area, so I am sure if you do decide to come here you will get a lot of good hands on experience. I am not sure where your from but if you don't like snow, I wouldn't suggest coming here. The city is nice and there are a lot of things to do. I personally do not live in the city but live outside of it in cow country. As for clubs I am not too involved because I work full time, what are you interested in???
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