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Runninggirl 21
2nd-Oct-2005 11:24 am
I went to see Oasis in Cleveland on Friday night, what a wild time. First of all Liam came on the stage extremely drunk and was stumbling, he was wearing this trench coat. Although his intoxication did not effect his performance because he was still right on key and everything. I noticed as the performance went on that the two brothers were giving each other dirty looks. Noel got especially pissed when his brother kept leaving the stage and he had to sing of course that only meant he got to sing "Don't Look back in anger", and one of the songs from the new album, called "The importance of being idle", I was floored when they actually played "Acquiesce", it was awesome. They did play a lot form the new album; "Lyla", "Turn up the Sun", "Mucky Fingers", "The Meaning of Soul", "Guess God thinks I'm Abel, and "A Bell will Ring". Of Course there were some oldies in there as well such as "Rock and Roll Star", "Wonderwall", "What's the story morning Glory", and "Live Forever". Unfortunatley they didn't play anything from Heathen Chemistry but the crowd made up for that, there were some crazy Brits running with flags and singing it was great. The amphitheatre was all wooden and in the middle of a forest, it was a little chilly that night but I don' think anyone noticed. At the end of the night there were people storming the stage giving Liam hugs it almost got out of hand until security stepped in. Overall it was an awesome show, gotta love Oasis.
15th-Oct-2005 10:13 pm (UTC)
That absolutly sounds amazing. Im surprised the band has lasted this long with the brothers feuding all the time. The music is great though.
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