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Runninggirl 21
Good morning 
23rd-Sep-2005 07:22 am
Yesterday was busy, but interesting, I went to Wegmans and showeed them some crazy ice cream I had made, Tiramisu, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and Belgian chocolate. They really liked it, these people are easy to work with. I then went to the Western New York Food Bank for my Community Nutrition class which is seriously in the ghetto. The neighborhood around it is scary, you wouldn't want to walk alone down the street. I will have to take some time off of work for this class to get all the community hours in, but at least it is only a semester long. I have a Gluten Free seminar on Saturday morning, let me tell you how exciting this will be, but it is important information. I have decided I need to have fun this weekend, and I have to bring Loki back to Rochester so I am thinking I can hang out there for a little while on Saturday night and relax....ok Back to work...
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