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26th-Nov-2006 04:10 am - So yeah
So yeah I never post anything here, but have decided to just because things haven't been so great the past few months. I have been living with someone who has a behaivoral drinking problem. I define this as such: while drinking their demeanor changes to angry, upset, emotional, pretty much unbearable to anyone who is around them ie...me. So I made this crazy decision to get out, mainly because I feel scared, unsafe and most importantly stressed and physically sick. Of course people who have drinking problems seem to be good at making other people feel guilty and tend to project their problems/issues onto others and can even manipulate them. I feel like I am stronger than that and eventhough I cried as I was moving. mainly because it was an awesome apartment that was cat friendly ( I have 2 cats) I know that I deserve better. So as of right now I am camping out at a friends house who has told me to get out since the first incident and for that I am so grateful for his kindness. I will not be here permenately but as long as it takes for me to get my feet on the ground.
24th-May-2006 01:10 pm - Wow it's been a while
So I think it is interesting how you meet someone spend a lot of time together and then they just forget about you, it's very sad actually. I guess I have a hard time letting go of the past and people I have known, maybe because I care too much.
22nd-Oct-2005 04:48 pm - Wow, too much music
So it has been a while sice I have posted anything. I have been very busy writing a grant, going to school and working. I have actually made a list of music I must have well here it goes:

Sigur Ros: Tek, I saw them in concert September 19, at Massey Hall and they were amazing.
Death Cab for Cutie: Plans, not as good as Translantism, God I spelled that wrong or the Photo Album but still solid.
Hot Hot Heat: Elevator, they are coming to Buffalo on the 10th of November, definetly liked Make Up the Breakdown their previous album.
Matt Good: I also forgot the name of the album but it has the cute furry stuffed animal on the cover,oh wait In a Coma, I went to see Matt Good last weekend at Club Infinity in Buffalo he was rockin as usual.
Bloc Party: Silent Alarm I had this CD but it got lost somewhere and I miss it terribly.
Depeche Mode: Playing the Angel, I heard that this album is much better than Exciter, unfortunately the show in Toronto is sold out on the 1st of December, oh well....
I am sure I will have another update sooner than later
2nd-Oct-2005 02:52 pm - Homework
Sundays are for football and homework, well homework more than football this Sunday. I have about 300 pages to read, and I am guessing it will not get done. I went to bed last night at 10pm, I have never been so tired. I guess driving from Cleveland to Buffalo, then to Rochester will do that to you. Everyone was all ready to party and I was drooling on a pillow, even before anyone said the word party. I finally get my car back tomorrow, thanks so much to Anna for letting me drive her car, she is a hip chic.... allright back to the exciting world of reading...
2nd-Oct-2005 11:24 am - Oasis
I went to see Oasis in Cleveland on Friday night, what a wild time. First of all Liam came on the stage extremely drunk and was stumbling, he was wearing this trench coat. Although his intoxication did not effect his performance because he was still right on key and everything. I noticed as the performance went on that the two brothers were giving each other dirty looks. Noel got especially pissed when his brother kept leaving the stage and he had to sing of course that only meant he got to sing "Don't Look back in anger", and one of the songs from the new album, called "The importance of being idle", I was floored when they actually played "Acquiesce", it was awesome. They did play a lot form the new album; "Lyla", "Turn up the Sun", "Mucky Fingers", "The Meaning of Soul", "Guess God thinks I'm Abel, and "A Bell will Ring". Of Course there were some oldies in there as well such as "Rock and Roll Star", "Wonderwall", "What's the story morning Glory", and "Live Forever". Unfortunatley they didn't play anything from Heathen Chemistry but the crowd made up for that, there were some crazy Brits running with flags and singing it was great. The amphitheatre was all wooden and in the middle of a forest, it was a little chilly that night but I don' think anyone noticed. At the end of the night there were people storming the stage giving Liam hugs it almost got out of hand until security stepped in. Overall it was an awesome show, gotta love Oasis.
23rd-Sep-2005 07:22 am - Good morning
Yesterday was busy, but interesting, I went to Wegmans and showeed them some crazy ice cream I had made, Tiramisu, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and Belgian chocolate. They really liked it, these people are easy to work with. I then went to the Western New York Food Bank for my Community Nutrition class which is seriously in the ghetto. The neighborhood around it is scary, you wouldn't want to walk alone down the street. I will have to take some time off of work for this class to get all the community hours in, but at least it is only a semester long. I have a Gluten Free seminar on Saturday morning, let me tell you how exciting this will be, but it is important information. I have decided I need to have fun this weekend, and I have to bring Loki back to Rochester so I am thinking I can hang out there for a little while on Saturday night and relax....ok Back to work...
22nd-Sep-2005 07:18 am - Stress
Sometimes I think I am not stressed but my body tells me otherwise, like for example last night, I was laying down trying to relax and my heart was beating so hard and so fast. It was almost if I was exercising, I think my blood pressure was up as well. At one point I got up and got dizzy and was disorientated. I am wondering if it was an anxiety attack or just my body's way of telling me I need to slow down a little. This weekend I am supposed to go see Battlebots but right now I am not sure if I will be able to go, the amount of reading and school work that needs to get done keeps piling up, and the end is far away. Today I am headed to Wegmans Headquarters for a presentation for work. We do all their product development for their ice cream line, the people there are great. tTime to put on some good music to help me through the work day...looks like Ryan Adams...
20th-Sep-2005 01:47 pm - School days and Sigur Ros
Last night I went with Anna, my friend Scott and Greg to see Sigur Ros in Toronto at Massey Hall. I was so impressed with our seats we had an awesome view of the stage. The weirdest part was the tickets I had picked up at the box office were only a row away from the tickets I bought on line. Anna and Scott sat together and Greg and I sat a row ahead. The show was awesome, and some parts almost had me in tears. There was this all girl band who started as a string quartet but then later started playing crazy instruments like a saw and water glasses, I wish I could remeber their name I know it begins with an A, I will have to check the Sigu Ros website. After the show we all went out and had something to eat, needless to say we got home at about 3: 30am. It was definetly a good time. I have to run to class.....
18th-Sep-2005 09:57 pm - What a week
What a week I have, school three days a week, work a Sigur Ros show tomorrow, which will be awesome. I am in the process of writing a grant for my Community Nutrition class, what a pain in the ass. It is very time consuming. This whole Live Journal is new to me, so bear with me while I try to get up to speed. I can't wait until the show tomorrow...woo.hoo
8th-Sep-2005 03:51 am - Tired
I have just started a live journal, but have no idea who will read it, right now I am at work and am quite tired. I just recently got into a serious accident with my car and had some severe damage to the body. I am allright, no major injuries. I am working on my Masters in Nutrition and am taking a Community Nutrition class as well as Epidemiology. With working full time and going to school part time, free time is very rare. Allright off to check the ice cream...
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